“IS J&J SO OUT OF ITS FREAKING MIND THAT IT CAN’T NEGOTIATE A RESOLUTION WITH THE RED CROSS WHICH DONATES ALL OF THE PROCEEDS OF SALES USING THE RED CROSS LOGO TO HUMANITARIAN AGENCIES?” writes Intellectual Property blogger Victoria Pynchon, making a very salient point namely, private resolution rather than public recrimination. Course, both parties must´ve tried to talk this through, though for some reason, accord clearly wasnt possible. While I like the cut of Victoria´s jib, effective comunication of the moves towards resolution needs to run in tandem with any one of her creative resolution ideas, too. Again I´ll restate: it´s not just about legalities, patents and trademarks, but about media (and public) perceptions. If it looks like…. and smells like…. then it probably is, runs the media argument. But it´s fast looking as thought J&J won´t be able to put a bandage on this one (c´mon, couldn´t resist it!), but that the PR crisis team will be flown in to em, erm… perform serious surgery?

The Patent Baristas blog also chips in with its take on this ´bad PR move´, too: