Update: In a related post, Heather at the Green Banana blog says that Seth Godin has brought her attention to a new ‘eraser’ technology that can wipe out negative online commentary.
Over at Wikiscanner, Virgil Griffiths is showing a long list of organisations who’ve been electronically tracked amending Wikipedia entries. The list includes some suspects you might not be too surprised to see there – Church of Scientology, Dow Chemicals, Halliburton, Monsanto and Fox News – but a few surprises, too. Greenpeace and the Boston Globe have been tweaking several entries. Just for the record, I don’t have a prob with PR companies correcting factual or reputational inaccuracies, especially if these posts are designed to malign or smear organisations unfairly targeted.
On the PR front (and as a follow up to my recent post that several top PR firms have been caught rewriting tomorrow’s history), Wikiscanner claims (via PR Watch) that Hill & Knowlton staff have been busy on behalf of the Maldives government. Here’s the entry:
PR firm spins Maldives human rights abuses
Hill & Knowlton, a PR firm hired by the repressive government of the Maldives, removed info on the lack of independent news outlets, election rigging and the imprisonment of political activists in the Maldives. It also rephrased a section on the repression of political parties. See www.prwatch.org/node/6397